GO IT Board People

IT Governance Coordinator

Kelly Arruda
(310) 825-7856
[email protected]

GO IT Board Membership

The ten-member GO IT Board is comprised of two members per area of representation: Co-chairs, Deans, CIOs (Campus/Health), Academic Senate members, and Common Systems Group (CSG) representatives.

Member Title and School, Division, Department Affiliation

Michael Beck, Co-Chair

Administrative Vice Chancellor

Jim Davis, Co-Chair

Vice Provost, Office of Information Technology
Lucy Avetisyan Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer, Campus
Susan Cochran

Chair, Academic Senate 2016-17
Professor, Public Health - Epidemiology

Darnell Hunt

Dean, Social Sciences
Jody Kreiman Chair-Elect, Academic Senate 2020-21
Professor-In-Residence, Head & Neck Surgery

Howard Miller

CSG Representative
CIO, Anderson School of Management

Jayathi Murthy

Dean, Samueli School of Engineering

Ellen Pollack

Interim Chief Information Officer, Health Sciences
Annelie Rugg CSG Representative
Director & CIO, Humanities Technology