Committee on IT Infrastructure (CITI)

[NOTE: This group is no longer active.]

CITI (Committee on IT Infrastructure), a joint Administration-Academic commission, provides the leadership and governance to ensure that enterprise and infrastructure projects are reviewed, prioritized, coordinated, and tracked in an inclusive manner, with the goal of creating and sustaining IT cohesiveness and efficiency throughout UCLA.   CITI was created and is sponsored by the Executive Vice Chancellor with the goal of bringing the senior leaders responsible for campus-wide applications together to coordinate the campus’ application and infrastructure portfolio.


CITI has three critical responsibilities in ensuring the overall success of UCLA’s IT infrastructure projects:

  • Prioritization: CITI is accountable for reviewing and prioritizing all new campus IT initiatives and new related business that have a direct effect on institutional IT infrastructure, spending, and/or risks.  CITI will recommend the appropriate funding, inform decision-making, and ensure adequate project structure.
  • Coordination: CITI is accountable for reviewing and coordinating the entire campus portfolio of IT and related projects.  It will ensure that directives and outcomes of those projects are interrelated and consistent, that the staffing needs are practical and constructive, and that efficiencies across projects are realized whenever possible.
  • Reporting: CITI is accountable for the advancement of the IT Strategic Plan through regular and structured project status and progress reviews.  It will promote the communication of these reports in order to enable campus units building educational, research, and support solutions to incorporate the CITI project plans into their own plans. 

In the fulfillment of these responsibilities, CITI must make certain that its actions support and are consistent with UCLA’s academic-based decision-making and governance requirements using broad-based consultation with campus faculty, academic leadership, administrative leadership, students, and staff.

Chair, Membership, and Duration

CITI is permanently chaired by the Vice Chancellor for Finance, Budget, and Capital Programs and is co-chaired by a campus leader with ties to the academic community on a bi-annual rotating basis. The CITI Co-Chair should have strong leadership skills, demonstrated institutional perspective, high academic standing, and a deep understanding of and commitment to the strategic and tactical importance of IT to UCLA's vision and mission. The term of service for the Co-Chair is two years and can be renewed.

In addition to the Chair and Co-Chair, CITI is composed of current senior academic administrators and senior campus administrators. To ensure a broad academic perspective, there are additionally two Dean’s jointly determined by the Executive Vice Chancellor and the CITI Chair and the Chair of the Common Systems Group. By and large, CITI is a standing committee with most members serving indefinitely based on their respective roles. All members should have an institutional perspective and demonstrated interest in the use of technology to support UCLA's mission.

The chairs maintain regular communication with the Executive Vice Chancellor, Vice Provost - Information Technology, and Administrative Vice Chancellor. The Vice Provost - Information Technology, in consultation with the Chair, assigns appropriate and necessary staff as support for the Board to ensure the independence and impartiality of the Board.